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Your Oakleigh Chiropractor is Different Than An MD

When you visit Dr. Liveriadis, your chiropractor, it's important to you realize that a chiropractor does not act the same way as a medical doctor. The office of a chiropractor generally does not look so 'clinical.' You won't find a 'sterile' room devoid of everything but paint on the wall. Instead, you'll find interesting pictures on the wall, and most likely wall prints of the body's nervous system.

While you wait for Dr. Liveriadis to talk with you during your exam, you'll most likely be intrigued with how intricate the nervous system really is. This gives you a good indication of the depth of the training on the nervous system that every chiropractor has received: hundreds of hours in the classroom on just the nervous system and neurology.

You'll notice that other patients may start conversations with you as well, simply because the atmosphere is one of open communication. Dr. Liveriadis, your chiropractor, will talk to you in a non-judging manner during your consultation. You'll feel as if you can trust him from the very start. This is important because sometimes, patients have the idea that they can tell their doctor everything except one certain detail that they want to keep secret.

However, it's that one detail that can alter the way that a patient is treated so that it can become more successful. Dr. Liveriadis understands that some of the reasons why your body was more prone to develop a specific spinal condition are ones that you had absolutely no knowledge of before the condition appeared.

This is why your chiropractor will not blame you for your condition. In fact, after you're getting treated for your spinal condition, he expects that most people will probably still revert to those old ways every now and then – but that's part of the learning process. You have to learn how to move properly so as to not cause any problems, and it's something we all have to learn. Thus, your chiropractor becomes your teacher.

What can you expect from your chiropractor? Expect patience, a teaching attitude, non-judgment, willingness to listen, and someone you can confide in. And that's just the beginning! Your relationship with your chiropractor is one made to last an entire lifetime.

October 16, 2014
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Dr. Liveriadis

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