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Chiropractor Stops Inflammation Oakleigh Melbourne

seniors chiropractorsYou probably noticed by now that you feel much better after being treated by a chiropractor. Is it all in your imagination? Or is there something unique to the treatment your chiropractor is giving you?

Canadian researchers answered this question. They tested two markers of inflammation found in the blood – one called C-reactive protein or CRP for short, and another called interleukin-6 – in 21 low-back pain volunteers in their study. Nine of the 21 volunteers received manipulations from a chiropractor and the others did not.

The group that worked with a chiropractor had a total of nine manipulations of the lower back. The others didn’t get any type of treatment. After the manipulations of the spine from the chiropractor, they noticed that the inflammation markers dropped down to normal levels.

This tells us that the manipulations of the spine did something to affect the immune system positively. More research in the future is needed to determine the actual mechanisms of how spinal manipulation contributes to anti-inflammation.

It’s possible that the manipulation of the spine relieves any compression of nerves at the level of the spinal cord. This then allows the nerve transmission to flow properly to all the places in the body where it should go. Some of the nerve transmissions travel to different parts of the body that stimulate the immune system.

A joint that is not moving correctly will eventually develop inflammation because the body is trying to remove the blockage in the joint and restore the alignment. Once an adjustment is made to the joint by a chiropractor, the pressure within the joint is immediately relieved. The blockage of inflammatory cells and chemicals is removed. Now the nerve transmission, blood flow and venous return is re-established.

Isn’t it great to know your chiropractor makes these changes in your body? The sense of wellness you always feel after a chiropractic visit always makes sense.

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