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8 Things Chiropractors Will Never Do for Back Pain

Chiropractor OakleighWhen you’re wondering whether or not you should see Dr. Liveriadis for your back pain, it’s important to know what he will never do – and what he will.

Here’s a list of things Dr. Liveriadis will never do:

  1. Never prescribe prescription drugs that could harm you and cause serious side effects.
  2. Never put you on a chiropractic treatment plan if you don’t need it. Chiropractors have a sense of ethics they must maintain.
  3. Never put in a workers compensation case for you if there was no evidence of a work injury. This one goes back to the ethics.
  4. Never manually adjust your spine without a thorough physical examination. Dr. Liveriadis wants to determine a diagnosis first before adjusting your spine manually.
  5. Never manually adjust joints in your back without imaging studies if he suspects any red flags of serious disease.
  6. Never use hot packs on your back without a few towel layers underneath. This way your back is protected from the heat.
  7. Never stick you with any needles or give you epidural injections. This is what medical doctors do, not chiropractors.
  8. Never do surgery on your back when you have back pain. Again, this is a medical procedure, never a chiropractic procedure for back pain.

What Your Oakleigh Chiropractor Will Do for Your Back Pain

On the other hand, Dr. Liveraldis may include these in your treatment protocol:

  1. Analyze your back pain condition and situation with the utmost of care.
  2. Assess the role of your lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise, sports activities, and sleeping habits in your condition.
  3. Give you exercises you can do at home for a few minutes each day to rebuild your back strength after back pain.
  4. Give you suggestions on how you can reduce inflammation with diet and rebuild your nutritional status.
  5. Advise you on your purse and backpack selection so they don’t cause new episodes of back pain.
  6. Advise you of sleeping positions that will lessen your back pain.
  7. Give you encouragement that your condition will improve.

You have nothing to lose when you go to Dr. Liveriadis for your back pain! Come to our office in Oakleigh, Melbourne to discover the difference chiropractic can make in your health.