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Second Visit

Report of Findings

Second Visit to North Road Chiropractic

Dr Sam or Dr Kathryn will explain, in detail the findings from your initial consultation, X-rays, sEMG Scan and your physical and chiropractic examination findings. They will also make recommendations of care, designed to help you get well and stay well.

After your Report of Findings you will receive your first chiropractic treatment.

Your Treatment Begins…

three stages of treatment​Generally there are three stages of treatment depending on your health objectives:

Stage 1: Symptomatic relief
Stage 2: Correction of underlying spinal weakness
Stage 3: Maintenance of an interference free nervous system for optimum health and function

Chiropractic adjustments to the spine (low force, pain free, specific manual thrusts) to correct spinal misalignments are applied with care and attention.

Depending on which Chiropractor you choose to see in our practice will depend on the specific type of Chiropractic care you will receive.

This visit can take up to 30 minutes.