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What To Do and Not Do After a Car Accident

accident care chiropractorIf you are involved in a car accident, what are the top five things you should do?

First consider your physical health right after the car accident occurs. Are you bleeding? Is your breathing labored? Do you have any pain?  Then consider the physical health of everyone else in your car.  If someone is already having neck pain, leave them in a stable position until help comes.

Secondly, call 911.

Next talk to the emergency personnel when they arrive. They will determine whether or not a trip to the hospital emergency room should happen.
When you return home from the accident scene, or when you get to the hospital, call your insurance company to report the accident. Simultaneously, contact the police department to fill out a police report if one has not been filed.

Then call your chiropractor.

These are what you should do if you’re involved in a car accident, but what about things you should NOT do? Here’s a list of two things:

1. If anyone in your car including you has any neck pain, do NOT move them until help comes. Sometimes there could be a fracture of the upper two vertebrae in the spine, which could cause paralysis. The way the paralysis happens is this:  the spine is normally protected by these vertebrae because they surround the spine. However, if there’s a serious fracture, there could be an avulsion of the spinal cord if you move someone. Damage to the spinal cord will cause paralysis. By not moving a person, you limit any further damage that could lead to paralysis.

2. Do NOT make a pre-judgment about your injuries or about the injuries to the car. Although you may not be feeling pain after this car accident, that doesn’t mean the same thing will be true tomorrow. You may also be thinking that because the car doesn’t look that smashed up, the damage can’t be anywhere near the level of damage needed to report the car accident to the police. However, unless you work in a car repair shop, you might not have any true idea of what it costs to repair the damage.

When you experience an auto injury, consider these things to make sure things go a little smoother.

Give Dr. Liveriadis a call if you have been involved in a car accident in the Oakleigh, Clayton, East Bentleigh or Mt. Waverley areas.