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Sciatica Treatment | Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica refers to pain resulting from the irritation of the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the human body. The sciatic nerve starts from the roots of the lower part of the spinal cord, extending to the buttock area, where it sends signals to the lower part of the body. When patients feel a pain along this nerve, it is called sciatic nerve pain.

Causes of Sciatic Pain

Before we talk about the treatment resulting in sciatic pain relief, let us find out the possible factors that can lead to sciatic pain:

  • Bulging disc: A bulging disc or herniated disc places pressure on the nerve root, causing it irritation, often leading to sciatic pain.

  • Osteophytes: Bone spurs, also known as osteophytes, are bony growths that happen on the edges of the bones. In this condition, the bone spurs may replace the space of the nerve, which may result in sciatic pain.

  • Muscle spasm: Muscular spams in the buttock or back can lead to sciatic pain.

  • Spinal stenosis: The narrowing of spinal canal can lead to this condition. It creates pressure to the nerves near that region, often leading to sciatica.

Other factors that can lead to sciatica are pregnancy, obesity, aging, and prolonged sitting or standing.

Sciatica Treatment

The main aim of getting sciatica treated is to reduce the pain of the patient and improve the mobility. There are several ways in which sciatica can be treated. Here are some of the common ways in which the condition can be treated.

  • Spinal injections: These injections not only help reduce pain, they also reduce the inflammation and swelling of the nerve roots.

  • Exercises: Certain exercises that include stretching exercises, aerobic exercises, and walking may help in strengthening the muscles of the back, legs and abdomen.

  • Surgery: For those who are experiencing extreme and constant pain, or have surpassed the stage were conservative care can help, it is advised to consider surgery.

What We Offer

At North Road Chiropractic, we eliminate your fears related to sciatica. With continued treatment with us, recovery can slowly occur, without going through any surgery or unnecessary medication.

Other Treatments at North Road Chiropractic

Apart from mild to acute sciatic pain, we take care of other conditions relating to the neck and back. This includes such things as neck pain, back pain, auto injuries, work injuries, and assisting patients with pain management.

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