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Our Techniques

- Our Structural Chiropractor -

Dr Sam’s focus is on gaining structural realignment of the spine by using chiropractic adjustments. These techniques have been shown to have great results in the easing of many conditions, such as neck pain, low back pain and so much more. This approach helps to ensure the spine is moving in its most optimal position and the nerves that pass through its canals are free of pressure from spinal misalignments.

Dr Sam uses more traditional chiropractic techniques such as Diversified and Gonstead, often referred to as manual techniques. These techniques have the harmless popping or “cracking” sounds often associated with chiropractic. These sounds are simply the release of gases between the joints, just like when you crack your knuckles. Dr Sam also implements lower force techniques, where necessary, involving an Activator and/or an Impulse gun and drop piece tables that are high speed, low force tools.

- Our Gentle Chiropractor - 

Dr Kathryn uses a chiropractic technique known as Network Spinal Analysis or NSA. Although gentle, it has been shown to promote wellness and improved body awareness. This chiropractic technique involves the application of gentle and precise contacts to the spine that cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies. NSA does not involve any “click, popping or banging” often associated with chiropractic care.

When under stress your body’s self healing abilities are significantly diminished. Dr Kathryn works with the tone and tension that is held within the body, often as result of physical, emotional, mental or chemical stresses found in a daily lives. Through NSA care, these gentle contacts along the spine are timed and placed to create a better balance of the overall tension and tone within the body.