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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

At North Road Chiropractic we commence with a complimentary, no obligation discussion with a Chiropractor to see if we are able to help with your health concerns. If we determine chiropractic care can help you, an initial examination will commence.

If required a sEMG** scan and/or spinal x-rays may be taken upon your first visit. **sEMG stands for surface electromyography. It is a completely safe, painless, and non-invasive method of evaluating the health of your spine by measuring the electrical activity of the paraspinal muscles (the muscles closest to the spine).

We are registered with all Private Health Insurances (Extras); your claim can be made on the spot via HICAPS with your insurance card.

Medicare Care Plans (5 Chiropractic Visits) are accepted and bulk-billed on-site with a valid Medicare Card.

Our Fees

Initial exam $89
X-rays & EMG scan $129
Normal Consultation $65

A chiropractor pointing at lumbar vertebra model