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Back Injury Treatment | Back Pain Treatment in Oakleigh

Back Pain Treatment in OakleighBack pain is something that almost everyone comes across at least once in their lifetime. Back pain can be mild to severe, depending on the cause of the pain and how well the condition is taken care of. With proper back pain treatment and a supporting lifestyle, you can dramatically reduce the pain.

When Should You be Alert?

Unless you recognize the symptoms of back pain, you may not pay attention to them and not seek any treatment for your back injury. Muscular pain, limited flexibility and pain that spreads to your legs are some of the symptoms of back pain that should not be neglected.

Causes of Back Pain

There are several factors that can cause back pain, which can be kept at bay if you are careful.

Some of the causes of back pain are as follows:

  • Muscular strain/ligament sprain: If you have strained your back muscles or spinal ligaments, there is a chance that back pain will follow.

  • Arthritis: If you are suffering from arthritis, back pain may also be present.

    Back Pain Causes
  • Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis could also be a cause of back pain.

  • Lack of exercise: If you are a physically inactive person, it could lead to increased stiffness and decreased flexibility throughout the body, leading to back pain.

  • Skeletal irregularities: Some are born with some skeletal irregularities that may lead to back pain, if not treated in time.

  • High heels: High heels is also one of the major reasons that back pain can develop, especially with frequent and consistent use.

Risk Factors

Having discussed some of the major causes of back pain, let us now consider the risk factors that could also increase your risk of back pain.

  • Age: The older you get, the greater your risk of getting back pain. You can decrease your likelihood of developing back pain by a implementing a healthy lifestyle and proper exercises.

  • Obesity: If you are obese, sooner or later it is very likely you will experience back pain.

  • Improper lifting: Be careful while lifting heavy objects. Being careless might be harmful to your backbone.

  • Psychological conditions: Certain psychological conditions also can lead to a back pain in the future.

  • Smoking: Quit smoking. This can lead you to several severe health issues including a chronic back pain.

Ways to Prevent Back Pain

If you take care of certain things in your lifestyle, you can help keep back pain away to an extent.

Let’s check out some measures to prevent back pain:

  • Exercise: Exercise regularly. With proper exercise, your body will remain toned and flexible, keeping you healthy. This can also keep back pain at bay.

  • Keep a tab on your weight: Follow a healthy diet. Keep a check on your weight. Stay fit and healthy.

  • Standing posture: Poor standing posture can give you a back pain. When you stand, stand straight, rather than putting your body weight on one leg.

  • Sit properly: Sit straight with good back support. Sitting for long periods of time, especially in the wrong posture can be harmful to your back.

Back Pain Treatment

Once you get back pain, it is advised not to wait a long time to get yourself checked. If your self-medication and home remedies don’t work for you, never hesitate to consult a doctor.

At North Road Chiropractic, we offer you expert advice and treatment for your back related problems. Book an appointment with us, and let’s discuss how to help you get rid of your back pain and get you back to doing what you love, free of pain.

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