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Headaches are a common ache that many of us go through. Many seek assistance from painkillers for headaches, but it is not a permanent solution, nor will it rectify the underlying cause of the headache. Headache and migraine treatment should consider the root cause of the headache and address that for more long-term results.

What Triggers Migraine?

Headache & Migraine Causes in OakleighThe triggers of migraine may not be the same for all migraine sufferers. Once a consistent trigger is spotted, avoiding it can help to reduce the headaches and migraines to a large extent.

Migraine Triggers

Below are some common migraine triggers that we can help with at North Road Chiropractic, one of the leading clinics in Melbourne:

  • Hormonal triggers: Due to the imbalance in estrogen levels, some women suffer from severe headache and migraine prior to and during their menstrual cycle. Some women also face migraine during menopause.

  • Emotional triggers: Some common emotional triggers that could lead to migraines are stress, tension, anxiety, depression, shock and even excitement.

  • Physical triggers: Certain physical triggers like neck and shoulder pain, jet lag, irregular or lack of sleep, tiredness, frequent change in work shifts, low blood sugar and sudden strenuous exercise may lead to severe headaches and migraines in many.

  • Dietary triggers: Sometimes our diet can be the reason that headaches and migraines are triggered. Irregular meals or skipping meals, dehydration, intake of caffeine and alcohol can all be related to headaches and migraines. Some foods such as chocolate, cheese and citrus fruits can also cause migraines.

  • Environmental triggers: Some environmental factors can also give you severe headaches and migraines. These include exposure to bright lights, change in climate, loud noises, smoking, flickering screens, and strong smells.

  • Medication: Some medications like certain sleeping tablets, and some drugs used to relieve menopause symptoms may also trigger migraines.

Are You Prone To Migraine?

Though we’ve discussed some of the major triggers of migraine, certain other factors also increase your risk being a migraine sufferer.

These factors can include the following:

  • Family history: If you have a family history of migraines, or if your close relatives are migraine patients, there is a chance that you are also at risk of suffering from migraines.

  • Age: Migraines are found to have improved with age. In most patients, the first migraine attack would have taken place during adolescence. The condition generally improves after 30.

  • Gender: In children, boys are diagnosed with migraines more than girls. However, once they hit puberty, girls are more prone to migraine attacks.

Consult a Doctor

Don’t wait for migraines to cure themselves. With self-medication or incorrect medications, the condition may worsen, rather than heal in some individuals. North Road Chiropractic offers you treatments that can help resolve headaches and migraines, and ensures a speedy recovery with no unnecessary medication. Contact us to book in your consultation today, to see how we can help you.

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