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Tailbone Coccyx Pain Treatment in Oakleigh | Coxic Bone Pain

Tailbone Coccyx Pain in Oakleigh

Several of the aches we suffer from are due to our lazy lifestyles. Tail bone pain is one of those aches. Before we get into the details of treatment for tailbone pain, let’s understand this condition better.

What is Coccyx Bone Pain?

Not all kinds of back pain are alike. Sometime the pain may be at the upper part of the spine and sometimes it’s towards the lower portion. Well, the coccyx bone is what comprises of the lower end of the back bone. This bone is placed between the buttocks, above the anus.

Pain at the coccyx (tail bone) can cause difficulty in sitting for long. Often, this condition occurs when you sit in the same position for many hours.

Causes of Tail Bone Pain

There are several causes that can result in pain at the tail bone. Here are the major sources listed:

  • Falls: You can get injured from falling, which can lead to a pain in the tail bone, which could get worse, if not treated promptly.

  • Childbirth: In some women, the trauma and strain from childbirth could lead to a pain in the coccyx.

  • Sitting for a long time: Sitting in the same position for a long time can cause pain in the tail bone.

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction: Pelvic floor dysfunction, which is often caused by childbirth, can also lead to coccyx pain.

  • Spinal disorders: Certain spinal disorders can also be a source for tail bone pain.

  • Compression of nerves: The compression of nerves during pregnancy can lead to pain in coccyx.

Apart from the ones listed above, other sources that can result in coccyx pain can include infections, tumors, and straining.

Handling Tail Bone Pain

Healing tail bone pain takes time, but it is not impossible. Let’s look into some of the ways that can help you heal.

  • Exercise: With proper guidance, some exercises and stretches can be helpful for this condition. Yoga is one of the methods you can try out.

  • Change in lifestyle: If it’s your lifestyle that has caused this issue, you can heal completely if you put in the effort to change the attributing habits.

  • Increase in activity: Tail bone pain can occur in those who continuously work on desktops. In such cases, try not to sit in the same position for long. Take breaks in between, to decrease the constant pressure placed on your tailbone.

  • Use pillows: For quick relief, sit on pillows that give good support and cushioning, so that the pressure on the tail bone would be minimal.

  • Gentle massage: A gentle massage to the infected area could give relief. Medication: Some medicated creams, balms and ointments may help reduce the pain.

  • Applying ice and heat on the affected area: To reduce inflammation, you can apply ice or hot pack on the affected area for a while. This can be repeated as and when required

Prevention of Coccyx Pain

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of certain aspects of your daily routine, you can prevent coccyx pain to an extent. Here are some ways to stay away from tail bone pain:

  • Healthy Posture: Maintain a healthy posture while sitting, standing, and walking.

  • No soft chairs: Never sit on soft chairs or sofas where there is no proper support for the spine.

  • No lifting heavy objects: Don’t take strain and lift heavy objects. This can lead to inflammation in the back bone.

  • Avoid high heels: Using high heels over a prolonged period of time can lead to severe back pain and other spinal cord related issues.

  • Firm mattress: Ensure that you sleep on a firm mattress. If there is a sag in the middle of the mattress, get it changed to avoid hindering your health.

  • Proper diet: It is better to reduce the fat content in your diet. Eat more foods that contain minerals, vitamin D and calcium to strengthen your bones.

Consulting A Doctor

Sometimes, self-medication does not work, or stops working, often resulting in an increase in symptoms. Consider speaking with someone who can give you information on the best treatment for your condition.

North Road Chiropractic offers such treatments and information for tail bone pain. To know more, book an appointment with us and let’s see how we can help you out.

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