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Neck Pain from Office Work in Oakleigh Melbourne Australia

Neck Pain from Office Work in OakleighIt is entirely possible for you to get neck pain from office work and end up visiting Oakleigh chiropractor, Dr Liveriadis.

That’s because the way you sit at your desk makes a big difference in you developing neck pain or not. If you slouch in your chair, this posture makes your spine look like the letter C instead of being naturally curved. This posture flattens out the neck curve and ends up causing neck pain.

Another reason why you could end up with neck pain at the office is that your desk could be ergonomically incorrect for your body. If you are shorter than the average height of the person the desk was made for, you could end up with your shoulders higher than what they should be. This contracts the muscles of your shoulders constantly, and you end up with neck pain (and a visit to your friendly Oakleigh chiropractor).

Looking up at the computer screen that is set too high on your desk is another way to get neck pain. In fact, when the computer game Nintendo first came out, children were lying on the floor for hours at a time looking up at the television set. They ended up with neck pain and chiropractors in Oakleigh as well as other parts of the world called the condition “Nintendo neck”. Now more and more teenagers are getting "Text Neck" from long hours texting, or "iPad neck" from searching the web with poor posture. You can get a Nintendo Neck from looking up at your computer desk or your television set at home if your neck is in this position for extended periods of time.

Neck pain that you develop at the office is something that chiropractor Dr Liveriadis can treat in his office in Oakleigh. A large percentage of patients have had neck pain and have been satisfied with their results.

Give our office a call for lasting neck pain relief in Oakleigh, East Bentley, Mt. Waverly, and Clayton, Melbourne.

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