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Is Chiropractic Better Than Surgery To Help With Sciatica

Chiropractic better than surgerySciatica refers to lower back pain that combines with pain that spreads through the buttock and one leg. When severe, the pain in the leg can spread past the knee, making it difficult to walk.

Causes of Sciatica

One may suffer from sciatica due to various reasons. The most common reasons are listed below:

  • Slipped disc: Slipped disc, also known as a herniated disc, is one of the most common causes of sciatica. This happens when the disc herniates near the spinal nerve which is a part of the sciatic nerve too.

  • Pregnancy: Many cases of sciatica have been reported by women during their pregnancy.

  • Ageing: Sciatica can be also due to ageing. This age-related sciatica can be connected to age-related osteoarthritis or a fracture caused by osteoporosis.

  • Spondylosisthesis: Spondylosisthesis, which is a medical condition where one of the bones of the spine has slipped over another bone of the spine. This condition can cause pressure on the sciatic nerve, resulting in severe pain.

  • Lifestyle: Sciatica can also be caused due to the lifestyle you lead. Carrying heavy objects like big wallets or golf balls in the back pockets of the pants can also gradually lead to sciatica.

Sciatica Risk Factors

There are several risk factors that can lead to sciatica.

  • Obesity: Excess weight can lead to an increased risk in the development of sciatica.

  • Prolonged sitting: Sitting in the same position for a long time can be dangerous as it can lead to sciatica later.

Types of Treatment for Sciatica

Sciatica can be resolved in multiple ways. There are even home remedies that can slowly ease the pain of sciatica. Two of the common and the most effective methods of treatment for sciatica are surgery and chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica

Chiropractic treatment works well for sciatica patients, but patients should stick to the treatment course given by the practitioner. Unlike surgery, there are several ways of treating sciatica if you go for chiropractic treatment. Depending on the condition of the patient, the exercises and other procedures of the treatment may vary. Over time, this can be effective and the results are long lasting if the health is taken care of even after the cure of the disease.

Another benefit of chiropractic treatment is that it is not as expensive as surgery. Surgeries can empty your pockets, and the intake of medicines post-surgery also can lead to other side effects. This risk is not there if you go for chiropractic treatment to help care for sciatica.

There are many chiropractic practitioners whom you can rely on in Victoria. Choose a chiropractor who is experienced enough to handle any complications related to your health condition, and also ensure that the clinic is not too far from your residence. This is because the treatment may take quite some days and travelling to and from can be strenuous to your body.

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March 13, 2017
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