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Prevent Back Surgery with Chiropractic

Prevent Back Surgery with ChiropracticBackaches are a common condition affecting millions across the world. Whether it’s your lower back or upper back, there can be several reasons why you may be feeling pain. Initially, you try to alleviate the pain by taking painkillers or applying topical ointments. Sometimes if the pain becomes unbearable, you are forced to take the extreme step of going under the knife.

However, many have been able to avoid surgery for back pain by visiting a chiropractor within the first few weeks of experiencing these aches and pains.

Why Visit a Chiropractor

Surgery is an invasive procedure that can have several repercussions later on in your life. Apart from the time spent in the hospital and the recovery period and medication that follow, it can also take a mental toll too.

The fact that you have had surgery on your back is forever in your mind and may prevent you from fully enjoying life. You may find yourself being forever cautious, apprehensive and scared to move the way you want.

You could avoid all that by seeing a chiropractor to receive non-invasive, conservative and highly effective care for your back pain. Under the treatment of a trained chiropractor, you could certainly help ease your back pain without any surgery.

The Efficacy of Chiropractic in Helping with Back Pain

Several studies indicate that chiropractic is indeed effective in treating back pain successfully.

In one particular study, approximately 1,900 workers suffering from back pain were studied over three years. Those that sought medical help from regular doctors, around 42% were operated on for their back pain.

However, among those who sought help from a trained chiropractor, only 1.5% had to resort to surgery. This clearly indicates that chiropractic is indeed the right option when you want to help reduce back pain in a safe, non-invasive manner.

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractors use manual therapy for spinal manipulation in order to rectify any misalignments in the spine. The chiropractor will first diagnose the cause of the problem by assessing your spine and body thoroughly. They are trained to identify the misalignment in the particular vertebra/e that could be causing your pain.

If it is a minor issue, the vertebra/e can be re-aligned the same day, which will reduce the pain immediately. Once your spinal cord is aligned the right way, the flow of blood will increase to the normal level thereby speeding up the healing process.

In case of more complex misalignment, you may require several visits to the chiropractor for further spinal manipulation and chiropractic adjustments.

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November 23, 2015
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