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Network Spinal Analysis NS: How Gentle chiropractic practices are changing how we care for spinal tension

When one thinks of going to a chiropractor, we can generally hear it before we can picture. If you’ve ever experienced a session with a chiropractor, you’ll know that there can be a lot of physical force that goes into realignment and unloading the stress that can build up along your spine and throughout your body.

Network Spinal (NS) is built on the practiced theory that pain, stress and tension in the body comes from interference to the nervous system via tension patterns within the body. Through NS, specialists continuously strive not only to ensure physical well being but emotional stability as well. Studies show that nerve and/or spinal damage can cause emotional distress and instability in people.

The physical force exerted in NS is far less in comparison to more traditional chiropractic methods. To put it into words, it would probably be equivalent to the amount of force you would use to handle a newborn baby; that being extremely gentle and cautious.

It essentially uses gentle touches, at precise locations along the spine to help insticate an unwinding of the bodies built up stress patterns. The energy one used by the body to hold this tension pattern, once released, can then be utilised for other bodily functions.

In addition, these contacts effectively teach the brain to re-release the stress that clusters at these points. These clusters of stress happen due to the spines instinctive reaction to stress management, which is what can result in mis-alignments and points of pain in the body.

Network Spinal has continuously proved to:

Enhance Physical Health

Enhance Emotional and Mental Health

Improve General Quality of Life

In conclusion, NS has time and time again proven to be a stress-reliever like no other. With continuous advancements in the study of neural behaviour and pressure points, the methods practiced in NS are continually become more and more effective. Next time you’re thinking of an appointment with your chiropractor, give the Network Spinal a try.

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October 22, 2019
dr sam

Dr. Liveriadis

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