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Chiropractic Treatments Effective for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Often, patients complaining of shoulder pain are told to take anti-inflammatory medications, get a steroid shot, or undergo surgery to relieve their pain. However, such treatments are not always effective, and cannot be counted on to reliably alleviate shoulder pain, especially in patients with frozen shoulder syndrome.

Frozen shoulder syndrome, or FSS, causes night pain, along with a painful restriction preventing rotation of the shoulder joint. It is estimated to affect 2-5% of people, with higher rates among people with strokes, thyroid disease, cardiovascular disease, or Parkinson's disease. Frozen shoulder syndrome is also estimated to affect up to 40% of patients with diabetes.

Finding effective treatments for the symptoms of FSS is challenging for many patients, who report experiencing symptoms even years after seeking medical treatment. Oakleigh chiropractor Dr Liveriadis can diagnose and treat your shoulder pain through natural chiropractic care. Recent research suggests that chiropractic treatment could provide effective pain relief for patients with persistent frozen shoulder syndrome.

The study involved 50 patients, between the ages of 40 and 70, with frozen shoulder syndrome. The patients underwent high-velocity, low-amplitude chiropractic treatments with the aim of correcting dysfunction of occipitoatlantal articulation.

The patients underwent an average of 28 days of treatment. The majority experienced substantial improvements in shoulder movement and pain, averaging a pain score decrease from 9 to 2 on a ten-point scale. Sixteen of the patients regained completely normal shoulder movement, 25 showed 75-90% improvement, and 8 showed 50-75% improvement.

The researchers concluded that "the results of this case series are encouraging in that many of these patients’ complaints seemed to improve or resolve within 1 month of presentation,” whereas FSS symptoms are commonly understood to last two years or longer.

Although large-scale studies are needed, the findings suggest that chiropractic care can effectively treat FSS symptoms. If you are experiencing shoulder pain- whether due to frozen shoulder syndrome or another cause – contact Oakleigh chiropractor Dr Liveridias at North Road Chiropractic to discuss how chiropractic adjustments can help to alleviate your pain today.


Murphy F. Chiropractic management of frozen shoulder syndrome using a novel technique: a retrospective case series of 50 patients. Journal of Chiropractic 2012; 11: 267-72. 

January 23, 2014
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