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Pain is a Terrible Thing. It has to Go Away.pain clinic Oakleigh

Chronic pain in neck, back, knees, shoulders or any other joint often keeps you from doing things you want to do. With acute or chronic Musculoskeletal pain, everyday tasks, such as cleaning, driving and running errands seem like climbing a mountain. There's a variety of treatments available for bodily pains and discomfort, but some of them turn out to be inefficient while others involve a certain level of health risk.

Are you looking for a treatment that is safe, effective and does not involve medication or surgery? Well, you are at the right place. Where most modern and conventional treatments fail to alleviate the pain, our chiropractic techniques pretty much threads the needle.

North Road Chiropractic provides the best pain management solutions in Oakleigh, operating in the same premises since 1987 . We specialize in treating both chronic and acute pain from accidents, sports injury or poor posture. With a qualified and experienced practitioner on board, we promise best treatment for your rampant Musculoskeletal pain.

Our chiropractic therapy is based on proper diagnosis and understanding of the cause of your pain. A thoroughly exhaustive initial examination by our experienced chiropractor starts the process and this helps him decide on the best and more efficient therapy approach, taking into account your ongoing and past health history. This is to make sure that your body starts responding to the appropriate and very safe chiropractic therapy that awakens the self-healing capabilities of your body, as early as possible.

Are you tired of chronic pain? Want to get rid of it right away but scared of going under the knife? If yes, then chiropractic may offer you the best chance. No surgery, no medication and hence, no side-effects. The results will be gradual yet noticeable over the span of a few weeks. Moreover, chiropractic facilitates healing and offers relaxation at the same time. Our gentle non invasive methods applied to the spine and other affected areas reduces soreness and gives you relief that lasts longer and longer as the therapy progresses. Eventually, the pain will dwindle away, concluding your therapy.

Do you feel your pain is not much of a problem and you can keep ignoring it? Well, it could be the tip of the iceberg. Overlooking minor bodily discomforts today may translate into complicated and hard to treat more serious conditions at a later stage. If you feel stiffness in your neck, back or shoulder area, it is advisable to see a chiropractor and subdue the problem before it turns bigger. Visit our pain clinic in Oakleigh for a free consultation.

Based on your current condition and medical history, we will devise a pain management program that will expand or downsize depending on how your body responds to the treatment.

Still Thinking?

Chiropractic is a proven therapy for treating various types of Musculoskeletal pains among individuals of any age group. Our chiropractors are contactable 24/7, and we close at 7.30 so we can see you after work for an expert check-up and advice.

If you have any query, feel free to have a word with our expert chiropractors.