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Present of Health

1. Initial Consultation and examination

Including Electro Myographic Scan and Full Spinal Xrays in house to totally assess the state of the spine muscles and nerves.

2. Service 1 + a separate Report of findings visit

That will also include 1st therapy/adjustment session

3. Therapy/adjustments session(s)

To be able to buy as many sessions as You want.

NOTE: All of the above services have no refunds. Unused services can be used to purchasers discretion within our office by him/her or anyone else they nominate.

Vouchers valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Beneficiary needs to contact our clinic to make an appointment and present voucher when he/she arrives.

4. Contour Chiropractic Pillow

$79.00 (to be picked up from our clinic)
$115.00 (to be posted within Australia)