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Back Pain Pregnancy | Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

More than 60% of pregnant women face lower back pain during various stages of their pregnancies. With certain changes in lifestyles and proper care and treatment, this can be reduced to a large extent.

Causes of Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Some women face lower back pain during early pregnancy, while some face it at a later stage. There are several reasons that could lead to this painful condition. Before getting into the lower back pain relief measures, let’s check out the major causes of lower back pain in females during pregnancy:

  • Softening of spinal ligaments: During pregnancy, the spinal ligaments soften as they prepare for birth, which may result in mild to severe low back pain in pregnant women.

  • Weak muscles: If you have weak muscles, you are prone to lower back pain issues during pregnancy.

  • Weight gain: Weight gain is natural during pregnancy. The overall weight gain could be a cause of your back pain.

  • Stress: Stress, anxiety and tension during pregnancy could lead to back pain too.

  • Spinal curvatures: During pregnancy, the back bone tends to have forward bend due to the changes in weight distribution. This could also lead to back pain.

Risk Factors

There are several risk factors that should be considered during pregnancy, which enable you to take preventive measures accordingly.

  • Multiple abortions: You are at a higher risk of back pain during pregnancy if you have had undergone multiple abortions in the past.

  • Smoking: Smokers are prone to back pain during pregnancies.

  • Number of pregnancies: Back pain also can be related to the number of pregnancies you have had.

  • Physical workload: Heavy physical workload can be risky during pregnancy, as it may lead to a back pain.

  • Lack of exercise: A lazy lifestyle is also a reason for your back problems during pregnancy.

Preventive Measures To Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

With certain preventive measures, you can tackle back pain during pregnancy to a certain extent. Here are a few measures that, if followed, could help you reduce the impact of back pain during pregnancy.

  • Exercises: If you are trying to conceive or have plans to be a mother soon, it is advised to do some exercises that would make your core and back muscles stronger.

  • Diet: Maintain a healthy pregnancy diet.

  • Footwear: Ensure that you don’t use high heels during pregnancy. High heels could worsen pregnancy related back pain.

  • Lifting weight: Be careful with the amount of weight you lift during pregnancy. Try not to life too much weight, as it may lead to a back ache during pregnancy.

  • Regular exercise: Apart from the exercises to strengthen your back muscles, you can engage yourself in some fitness activities like swimming or yoga.

  • Walking: If your lifestyle or job demands a lot of time sitting, it is advised to take short walks for a few minutes every hour.


There are several treatments for lower back pain issues during pregnancy. Here are some measures to help with lower back issues in pregnant women:

  • Exercise: A healthy exercise pattern can relieve lower back pain issues to a large extent.

  • Improved posture: Your back pain could be a result of your bad sitting or standing posture. To avoid this, maintain a better posture, and see the difference in your pain too!

  • Counselling: If the back pain is stress related, counselling can help recover the patient from back pain during pregnancy.

  • Chiropractic: With proper chiropractic care, back pain during pregnancy can be treated.

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