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Golfers Elbow Treatment and Causes

Golfers Elbow Treatment

Golfer’s elbow is a medical condition that results in swelling and inflammation of the tendons that link the lower arm to the elbow. The pain often arises from the elbow and may spread to the forearm, depending on the severity of the issue.

Causes of Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s elbow may not necessarily affect only golfers, others may also get affected if the muscles in the forearm are overused. Before we get into the different types of golfer’s elbow treatments, let’s find out the major causes of golfer’s elbow:

  • Golfing: Golfing is one of the most common causes of golfer’s elbow. Those who do not perform the swings as intended are commonly affected.

  • Throwing sports: Any sports activities or games that involve throwing can affect your forearm, leading to golfer’s elbow.

  • Weight training: Weight lifting and other physical training exercises, if done on a frequent basis, can lead to golfer’s elbow.

  • Daily activities: Some daily activities demand a lot of repeated elbow movements. This may take a toll on you.

When To See A Doctor

The condition may get worse if you ignore the symptoms of golfer’s elbow for too long. Here are the signs that tell you that you should be visiting a doctor:

  • Tenderness and pain inside the elbow: While there can be pain inside the elbow whilst bending, it could be a sign of golfer’s elbow.

  • Broken bone: If you are experiencing the sensation of a broken bone, it might be a symptom of golfer’s elbow.

  • Weakness of wrist: If you experience an overall weakness in the wrist, this should not be taken lightly.

Treatment of Golfer’s Elbow

There are several kinds of treatments to help resolve golfer’s elbow. Some of the methods of treatment adopted are:

  • Applying ice: Keep an ice pack on the affected area can help reduce pain and keep inflammation in control.

  • Rest: The elbow should be given time to rest when you suffer from golfer’s elbow. Straining your elbow will only worsen the condition.

  • Stretching exercise: Under proper guidance and medical attention, you can try doing elbow stretching exercises. This may help heal the condition faster.

  • Chiropractic: A skilled chiropractor will be able to diagnose the cause of the pain and give chiropractic treatment accordingly.

  • Brace: Using a counter force brace can keep elbow movements restricted, thus help in reducing pain and recovering faster.

  • Reduce the strain: Doctors can help you in regards to ways to reduce the strain in your elbows as you engage in daily activities.

  • Surgery: When the condition is severe, doctors may suggest surgery.

Prevention of Golfer’s Elbow

With proper care and some changes in the lifestyle, you can prevent golfer’s elbow to a large extent. Some preventive measures that can be taken include:

  • Have strong forearm muscles: Exercise regularly and make your forearm muscles strong.

  • Take breaks: Whether you’re at work or engaged in sports, ensure that you don’t strain your elbows and forearms.

  • Proper lifting of objects: Ensure that your wrists are kept stable while lifting objects.

  • Warm up exercises: Before you get into vigorous exercise or playing, it is better to do some warm up exercises for the elbow.

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