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chiropractor Dandenong​Back-pain, whether acute or chronic, is a big inconvenience and obstruction to your everyday routine. Even simple tasks like bending over to lift something or sit up on the bed for extended hours seem painful enough to keep you from doing them. Pick any physical task from your routine, either you do it in pain or you don't do it at all – there's no going around.

You Didn't Choose This Pain, Then Why Let This Pain Choose You?

Chronic or acute back pain is absolutely curable if you receive the right treatment. Among various therapies, Chiropractic treatment has emerged as an effective remedy for all types of back-pain conditions.

North Road Chiropractic is a reputed chiropractic clinic based in Oakleigh since 1987, which is easily accessible from surrounding suburbs, too. We have qualified, experienced practitioners on board to provide a range of chiropractic therapies to boost your body's self-healing capabilities, which eventually alleviate back-pain and discomfort in the neck area.

Chiropractic - An Age-Old Treatment You Can Trust

Our Chiropractic treatment in Dandenong and other suburbs around Oakleigh is widely acclaimed for being a safe and effective alternative to conventional back-pain treatments. It involves low force spinal adjusting to align your musculoskeletal structure, which facilitates healing without medication or surgery.

Chiropractic has been proven effective in treating back-pain from injuries as well as poor posture and non-conducive lifestyle. Unlike medication and surgery, which have their fair share of side-effects, Chiropractic is a drug-free treatment that has long-term benefits.

Back-pain at its worst can make you throw up your arms to the heavens and scream, “why me?” This might add to your mental agony and leave you in despair, but all hopes are not lost yet. Why not consult with one of our Chiropractors near Dandenong and opt for the treatment that checks off all the right boxes?

Our Chiropractic Treatment is Absolutely Safe. Here's Why:

Before starting out, our chiropractors will study your health history and will be fully conversant with the ongoing conditions you may have. This is to make sure that you are made to undergo therapies which are not only safe and effective but are also aligned with any other current medical condition you may have, to avoid secondary pain or discomfort.

At North Road Chiropractic, we recommend and apply the most appropriate care for you specific condition. Our therapies are based on an accurate diagnosis of your condition, and the ensuing advice will work for you and not against you.

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We understand how difficult it is to put up with chronic back pain and how badly you want to get rid of it. That's why we are here to help you. Book an appointment with us as per your schedule. We are based in Oakleigh, which is at a convenient distance from suburbs like Dandenong. We stay open till 7.30 so we can see you after work.

If you have any query or want to discuss your back-pain condition, give us a call anytime.