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Back Pain in Children in Oakleigh East Bentleigh Clayton Mt Waverley

Back Pain in ChildrenIs your child suffering from back pain in Oakleigh, Melbourne? Dr Liveriadis is an experienced chiropractor who can help your teen or child lead a healthier life.

Did you know that back pain is just as common in children as in adults? That’s what researchers at the University of Southern California discovered when they tested 1540 children between the ages of 11 and 14. Thirty-seven percent of the children reported they had back pain. The children who were youngest, female and carried the heaviest backpacks were the ones with the most pain.

Of the children who had back pain, 82 percent of them believed that their backpacks made their back pain worse or caused their pain. Fourteen percent of them had already started taking medications to relieve the pain, and 34 percent shied away from physical activities because of their back pain. (J Pediatr Orthop May-June 2006)

One thing that Oakleigh chiropractor, Dr Sam Liveriadis emphasizes to parents is that when a child has back pain, it’s important to investigate and find out what the source of that pain is. Often the cause may be something simple such as the child is carrying too much weight in his or her backpack.

If you live in Oakleigh, consider setting up a consultation with this chiropractor because of his deep concern for your children’s back and spine. During the consultation, he’ll ask your child to bring in their backpack for him to check out and explain how backpacks can contribute to back pain to your child.


Only in Oakleigh can you find this level of chiropractor. Dr Liveriadis’ gentle nature when working with your children is one to surely leave a lasting good impression, as well as a desire for them to follow instructions to speed up recovery.

Make chiropractic your first choice of health care when your children are experiencing back pain. Call the office today.